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Welcome to our page dedicated to the things you hold closest to your heart…Exclusive Life Insurance Leads and other types of high quality insurance leads! 🙂

You can listen to some telemarketed lead samples as well as gain a wealth of knowledge on other types of insurance leads successful agents are using to drive sales.

Our goal is to introduce you to the best types of leads that agents have been having the most success. In some cases that happens through some of our own internal strategies and in other cases we introduce you to our verified portfolio of vendors.

At the end of the day we are focused on helping you stay in front of people and doing what you do best, selling!

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Leads

  • Types of leads and marketing methods?
  • How do Facebook leads work?
  • How do Telemarketed leads work?
  • How do internet leads work?
  • How are insurance leads delivered?
  • Are these leads exclusive?
  • Do insurance leads really work?
  • How quickly will I receive my leads?
  • How to generate leads online?
  • Are exclusive life insurance leads difficult to generate?
  • How to generate insurance leads on YouTube?
  • What are exclusive life insurance leads?
  • How much do exclusive life insurance leads cost?
  • Can you get a discount on exclusive life insurance leads if you are licensed in multiple states?
  • What is an exclusive life insurance leads aggregator?

Types of Leads:

  • Mortgage Protection
  • Final Expense
  • Term Life
  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Annuity
  • Commercial
  • Medicare

Marketing methods used to generate leads?

  • Facebook marketing with Facebook forms
  • Facebook marketing with landing pages
  • Telemarketed
  • Direct Mail
  • Google paid campaigns
  • Linkedin marketing
  • Consumer education
  • SEO for organic lead generation
  • TV

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How do Facebook leads work?

Facebook leads can be tricky, but it’s a great place to get exclusive life insurance leads and frankly, some of the best life insurance leads.

There are three main methods to generate insurance leads on Facebook.

  • Facebook form leads
  • External landing page leads
  • Facebook chatbot

Depending on the type of campaigns used, we may use landing pages, Facebook forms, or chat bots. It all depends on the complexity of the campaign and what resonates best with the prospect. We are seeing an increase in Facebook leads that take a prospect through the following process:

Facebook Lead Landing Page Process:

  • Educate on topic such as burial insurance, home, auto, etc…
  • Learn more which launches a landing page
  • Prospect reads more about the process and completes a contact form or uses a calendar link to schedule an appointment directly on your calendar

Facebook Form Process:

  • Educate on topic such as term life insurance, commercial, mortgage protection, etc…
  • Learn more which launches a form on Facebook
  • Prospect reads more about the process and Facebook auto fills the information about the prospect into the lead form so the prospect simply just clicks Submit or whatever call to action is chosen when building out the lead campaign.

Facebook Chatbot Lead Process:

  • Educate on topic such as whole life insurance, annuities, indexed universal life, etc…
  • Prospect clicks learn more which launches a chat bot which begins qualifying a prospect in real time
  • Agent monitoring that Facebook page receives notification and can take over the chat to answer questions and begin setting an appointment for any type of leads including annuity leads.

Which method works best?

This answer will vary based on the type of lead you are trying to generate.

How Telemarketed insurance leads work?

Most telemarketed leads are generated using offshore call centers, not all, but most.

The lead generation companies generating telemarketed leads use data that has been scrubbed against the do not call list and conducts an outbound cold calling campaign on your behalf. They follow a script which explains a process based on the lead type your are ordering. From there, they get verbal commitment from the prospect and let them know a licensed agent will be contacting them.

At that point, the lead is usually added to some type of spread sheet which includes the customer information and a recording of the call to ensure TCPA compliance was followed and that the prospect indeed requested to have a licensed agent call.

Telemarketed leads are a great way to guarantee the amount of leads vs. gambling on direct mail response rates.

If you want 20 leads to work, you simply order 20 new leads vs. hoping that your mail drop is going to perform.

Are telemarketed insurance leads better than direct mail?

Absolutely NOT, both are great insurance marketing options.

We believe you should be working telemarketed and direct mail insurance leads together to achieve peak performance.

However, telemarketed leads have shorter shelf life than direct mail which makes calling them on the same day they were generated extremely important.

With that said, we work with many agents that solely work telemarketed insurance leads with great success.

Sample Telemarketing Leads

Telemarketed Insurance Lead Recording Samples

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